London Faces: Collected Street Portraits July 2014 to February 2015

The Future Is Papier Mâché

Street Portrait (for and of Mickey), 2015– Street Portrait (for and of Mickey), 2015 –

Mickey was taking a break from decorating (on The Strand, London), when I spotted him. He was great about me taking a few shots. This was the first and is my favourite. Thanks very much, Mickey! Hope you like your picture.


Since May 2012, I have been asking strangers if I can take their photograph. I’m drawn to the stylish and the interesting – and all of the people here are one or the other or both. Thanks to Mickey, Paul, Andy, David Michael, Dinos, Pia, Rob, Marieangela, Phil, Stefano, Christina, Scrappy, Besrat, Meraz, Daisuke, Wendy, Gilbert, George, Cobain, Steve, Ellie, Spencer, Chris, Jason, Fabio, Ed, Oli and Giovanni, and to everyone who has stopped for a portrait.


Street Portrait (for and of Paul), 2015– Street Portrait (for and of Paul), 2014 –

Paul was on the phone when I spotted him, so I waited for…

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