Desert Glows – Hot Air Balloon Photo Shoot


In last week’s post of the Super Bowl football stadium, I alluded to the fact that we stopped at the stadium on our way to a hot air balloon festival. Today I want to share shots from that event. We timed our arrival right at dusk along with a million other people. After about 45 minutes just to get into the grounds of the festival and park, we were off to enjoy the part we wanted to experience and that is called the “Desert Glows”. As dusk approaches, the balloon operators start filling the envelopes with hot air inflating the balloons one by one. As the sky darkens, an announcer comes over the loudspeaker and introduces the balloon operators. Then music is started and the balloons are coordinated as they light themselves up in beat to the music. Without further ado…seven shots from the Avondale, Arizona 2015 Hot Air Balloon…

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