How sharp do our photos need to be?

eduardo libby: photography blog

One of the coolest things I learned when I got started with photography was the use of the depth of field scales that came engraved in my lenses. With these I was able to take a picture in which both a friend and the trees in the background looked sharp. For this I just had to make sure the distances to both of them were within the range defined by the depth of field markings in my lens… awesome!

Photo of Lupines growing in the highlands of tropical Costa Rica. Lupines in the Costa Rican Highlands. Even if the horizon is not perfectly sharp this looks fine as most objects become less-defined at longer distances.

If I were to keep both a nearby subject and a distant mountain sharp I would align the depth of field marks for the f/stop I was using with the infinity mark on the focusing ring and then read the shortest distance at which I could…

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