Here Were Once Witches

Walking with a Smacked Pentax

This old tree lies on Snowden moor, overlooking the beautiful Washburn valley beyond.

It is a lonely place, very rarely visited as it is not on any ‘hikers route’. There are no footpaths nearby and the only visitors are sheep, and the occasional Red Kite who soars overhead.

It is a strange moor…there are numerous prehistoric burial mounds and rock carvings hidden amongst the deep heather. It is a timeless place.

It was also the haunt of Witches – in 1692 the ‘Timble Witches‘ were about and walking these old moors – just maybe they met near here or at the Snowden Rocks nearby.

But even on a warm summers day it can be an eerie place, I wouldn’t want to spend the night here!

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