First Night Design | Marrakesh — ‘Arabian, African, and European influences’

First Night Design

‘The confluence of perhaps the most exotic cultures in the world exist right here in this pink city. Arabian, African, and European influences are found in the streets, its inhabitants, and its monuments.’ Sensational Colour

Marrakesh Arches

Marrakesh Arches Greeting Cards

I went to Morocco in 1986. A week in Agadir was not the delight my then boyfriend and I had hoped. The sky was grey, the beach was grey, and the sights were grey. We hadn’t realised that the earthquake of 1960 had destroyed so much. According to BBC News, it was the deadliest in Moroccan history.

The rebuilding was typical 1960s fare and depressing beyond belief.  Marrakesh, however, proved to be a highlight and we spent two days and nights taking in the lemons, pinks and ochres of the buildings and the souks, and bought endless supplies of saffron. We also tried to sell my chap’s wilful, spoilt and selfish daughter for a couple of…

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Can There Be “too much” C.U.T.E.N.E.S.S.?

Abstract Art by Sharon Cummings

Fans and viewers say no. This image of a cute little boxer has received the most traffic of any of my dog images in the least amount of time! And a print sold in less than 24 hours of listing! I say it’s just the right amount of cuteness. 😉

ColorfulBoxerFB“Colorful Boxer”

Mixed Media Dog Art Collage Painting

Sharon Cummings





Now taking custom pet portrait orders!



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The Colour Purple & Red Onions

View from a French Hillside

This week I was instructed by my very own Masterchef Mr H, to purchase some red onions on my weekly supermarket trip.  Yes there are indeed penalties to pay for having one’s own gourmet chef – the eternal washing up, frequent cleaning of kitchen and dreaded supermarket run to name but three. I was however totally inspired on perusing the vegetable aisles by the fabulous colours to be found in red onions. Red ? of course they’re not red!  Anything but red in reality; luscious maroon, deep exotic purple, shining magenta, white and bordeaux candy-striped centres, they’re all there to be seen depending on the light and as with so many of my favourite photographic subjects, we get to eat them afterwards in a green salad – green sets them off particularly well – or in our new healthy eating dish, smoked mackerel, with potato and red onion.  It may…

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Artichokes and Vegetarians

View from a French Hillside

I have a very dear friend whom I have known since university days, who is a pretty strict vegetarian. No leather handbags or shoes or buffalo hide jackets for this girlie, oh no, even her cats have been raised as vegetarians, at least whilst in her presence . (You know how canny cats can be – they once admitted to me that they nipped down the road after hours for a quick mouseburger but didn’t like to upset the mistress too much so all was kept very hush hush).  Whenever my friend and her adorable family come to stay we attempt at least for a few meals to adopt their eating habits and try some new meat-free dishes.  There have been some real successes – our delicious morning fruit smoothies for example – but a few things have been sampled once, never to be retained in our daily menu. The…

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