Richard M. Ankers - Author

This is a word that my good friend Jen thought I wouldn’t use. Please check out her blog as it’s most excellent. (Shh! She thinks this word’s real, but it isn’t. Just so you know)

If you’re stuck for a word
To explain away life
If you’ve had it with chocolate
With husbands and wives
If you’ve seen a tornado
And stood in its eye
If you’re laughing at Seinfeld
Or American pie
You’ll probably be needing
To explain how you feel
How it’s all so exiting
Like you’re living it real
Then here is a word
Crafted especially for you
You can shout it out loud
Because it isn’t blue
Born from the brain
That’s the size of a mango
You know that you want to
Just shout out: Powbango!

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