Winter – Ghost Leaves

View from a French Hillside

The colours on the hillside are changing now from their glowing autumn shades to the darker hues of winter. Nature’s astonishing architecture is becoming visible everywhere, in the bare branches of the trees, the hips on the rose bushes, the cones in the evergreens and in the fallen leaves which carpet the garden.  On our lunchtime walk today Freddie the labrador and I stopped to pick up some special winter treasures which we found sheltered beneath a particularly widespreading yew tree in the garden.  The leaves from the nearby lime trees seem to collect here and unlike the other leaves which become brittle and dusty the lime leaves remain pliable, gradually shedding their fabric to reveal the intricate construction beneath.  Thousands of miniature sculptures resembling finely wrought filigree silver or the very finest lace, they have become magical ghost leaves……………………….


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